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Car Care

training_middleFamilies who receive donated vehicles from Auto Technical are required to attend car care classes to learn how to check oil and to understand the importance of preventative maintenance. Our goal is to ensure our car recipients keep their cars “road-worthy.”

ATI teaches students about how checking car fluids like transmission, engine and oil. You’ll also learn why tire pressure is so important for braking and tire life. Our director, Rich, teaches this one-hour class so you’ll leave with as much car care knowledge as possible.

Our tune-up and brake repair classes are two-nights, two hours each. Learn how to replace brake pads, calipers and rotors. Tune-up classes cover basic plug wires, spark plug replacement, plug gaping, spark plug wire inspection and how to know if these parts need replacing.

If you’ve received a vehicle from Auto Technical and would like to sign up for our classes, contact us today.