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Low-Cost Car Care Training

Spring is here. Prepare for road trips.

Planning a long road trip or a few weekend getaways for the spring season? Make our low-cost car care training programs your first stop! Learn how to conduct preventative maintenance on your vehicle. Find out how to Young Man Checking the Air Pressure of Car Tire with His Son deal with emergencies should they strike while you’re on the road. Even if you’re staying in town this spring, our one-of-a-kind courses are excellent resources to help you deal with long commutes or daily wear-and-tear.

All are welcome to take these classes. For only $10, you’ll learn from our experienced technicians on how to care for your vehicle the right way. Plus, you’ll receive a high-quality tire gauge at the end of the course! Light refreshments will be served.

Topics Covered

We offer two classes:

  • Brake inspection and brake pads. We teach you how to install brakes, rotors and calipers.
  • Tune-Up Training. Our tune-up lessons include basic RR 02s, spark plugs, and how to plug in a computer to fix the check engine light. These computers are available at all stores specializing in auto parts such as O’Reilly.

Who Else Should Take These Courses?

If you’re on a budget and not afraid to get your hands dirty, these courses are for you. If you’re a suit-working professional, male or female, who has a long daily commute, these courses are for you. If you’re concerned about auto mechanics being less-than-honest when recommending repairs, these courses are for you. You get the idea.

All are welcome! Call to sign up today (learn more at top right) or contact us »