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A car is not given or sold until it is “first class.”

richard_refurbishing_carBefore we give a car to a family, we recondition it. In this reconditioning process, we make every necessary repair. Motor and transmission replacements are very common. We repair brakes, exhaust systems and safety items as needed. Often times, windshields require replacement as well.

At times, we send cars for minor body, dent, rust and paint repair. So, when a family gets the vehicle, we’ve inspected and repaired everything, including tires, batteries and a full detail motor and interior cleaning. We are not helping our client families if they get a car that requires excess finances for reliability. The quality of our refurbished car donations depends on our technicians. We only give and sell reliable vehicles so that those in our communities do not have to put extra funds into their transportation.

Watch Our Steps for Refurbishing


We conduct our mentor training program through evening classes, led by technicians, Dan G and Trent. Both technicians keep the three bays busy, balancing the big jobs, the training activities and other miscellaneous projects (including 30-minute test drives before cars are certified as first class). Most of our used vehicles for sale in St Paul, MN are cars, trucks, and vans 1998 to 2003 prices range from $1,500 to $4,500.

ATI Auto Sales

Older luxury cars and other vehicles not appropriate for families because of high repair costs and maintenance are sold to the public to generate funds for our continued operation. We welcome all vehicle donations running or not. Selling reconditioned cars in St Paul, MN to the public is how we meet payroll, rent and business expenses. Auto Tech prides itself on making certain that every single car, whether given to families or sold to the public, meets the highest standards. Technicians/backyard mechanics check out our repairables for sale at at ATIAutoSales.com.

So, if you seek a used car donation or reconditioned cars for sale in St. Paul, give us a call. Your donations, purchases and any other aid goes toward making a better community in our beautiful cities.