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FAQs | Car Donations St. Paul Minneapolis MN

Get Answers to Questions about Car Donations in St. Paul, Minneapolis, MN

At Auto Technical, Inc., we understand that donating a car is a big deal, which is why Auto Technical makes it a top priority to ensure our donors know we will handle their donations in an efficient and ethical manner. Below is a list of commonly asked questions and our responses.

What kinds of vehicles do you take?

Auto Technical, Inc. accepts all vehicles running or not. Donate a vehicle today »

Will you pick up the vehicle(s)?

Yes, we will pick up your vehicles on weekdays with a few exceptions on the weekends! ATI serves the extended five-county metropolitan area. See the complete list of cities we serve. You can also drive the vehicle to our service location at 461 North Wilder Street in the midway of St. Paul. Call Richard at 651-646-7826 for additional directions. Donate a vehicle today »

What is the process for donating my vehicle?

When you contact ATI, we will set a date and time to pick up your vehicle. After which, Richard will come to your location with a trailer to haul your vehicle to our facility. Please have your key and title ready. Richard will fill out a lost title application and take your car to ATI, where we will repair your car like new! Donate a vehicle today »

How long does it take to complete the paperwork when you pick up my vehicle?

Hardly any time at all! We provide you with pre-printed forms and the entire process to complete them takes about 7 to 10 minutes to complete. All forms are fill in the blanks. Donate a vehicle today »

Do we need to go to the Department Motor Vehicles to transfer the title?

No. Please see the bold print on the bottom of the title. Donate a vehicle today »

Can I drop my insurance coverage on the vehicle?

Yes. We have an open garage liability as required by the DMV. Once we take possession of your vehicle, it is insured by our policy. Donate a vehicle today »

What if I want more assurance that the transfer is OK with the DMV?

Make sure the party who picks up your vehicle has a dealer’s license. Richard carries a copy. Donate a vehicle today »

What do you do with the vehicle I donate? Will you give it away or sell it? Do you provide training?

Our mission is helping families with transportation needs. We are self-supporting. We donate some of our cars to the public through our community partnerships and we sell other cars to the public along with other vehicles we buy from newer dealers. Donate a vehicle today »

Do you provide training?

We offer evening classes for brake repair and tune-up. These are basic show-and-tell demonstration classes. Call Richard to set up a day and time for your training.

How can I donate my vehicle right now?