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Donate Your Car, Minneapolis, Minnesota, St. Paul

Call Richard at 612-919-5526
At Auto Technical, Inc., we’re so grateful for your interest in donating a vehicle. We are proud to say that we have served the Twin Cities for 20 years. By partnering with human services agencies in the area, we’re able to provide reliable transportation to individuals seeking jobs or coming out of tragic situations such as domestic violence or poverty. Let us help you give back to the community.

Donate your car today. Call Richard at 612-919-5526.

Many of us take vehicles for granted. However, there are others who understand how crucial and helpful a car can be—because they have never had one. Auto Technical offers more than a helping hand, we offer a fresh start and a lasting change.

The truth is, many in the Twin Cities could benefit from a car but getting re-established in a poor job market does not make it easy for these individuals to afford one. If you can’t get to your job with ease, how can you afford a car, let alone the maintenance costs, a home, medical expenses, school supplies, etc.? We are committed to making the car donation process as easy and beneficial as possible to the donor because we want to strengthen our community through our Project Family Car program.

How to Donate Your Car, Minneapolis, Minnesota, St. Paul

From family car donations to car care clinics and short-term training and education programs, Auto Technical always seeks new ways to help those in our community. To donate a car to Auto Technical, the process is simple. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Call Richard Johnson at 612-919-5526. He will arrange a time to pick up your vehicle whether it’s working or not.
  2. Richard will personally come with a trailer to pick up your vehicle.
  3. He will provide you with a two sets of paperwork that includes tax forms and the Donor’s Bill of Sale. You do not need to go to the DMV to deal with transfer of title. We note the title transfer at the bottom of the title in bold print. So no report needed.
  4. Because our charity has a dealer license, we will refurbish and recondition your donated vehicle and provide you with the car’s value.
  5. You can then report to the IRS an excellent value for your tax-deductible car donation thanks to our reconditioning the vehicle to first-class condition.

Learn about us on the Minnesota state website: Visit www.ag.state.mn.us, click on charities search and enter Auto Technical and the city which is Columbia Heights.

Donate your car now. Call Richard at 612-919-5526.