?>?> Life Stories of Car Donations St. Paul Minneapolis, MN

Life Stories of Car Donations St. Paul Minneapolis

For 20 years, ATI (Auto Technical, Inc.) has helped families start on their road to success with affordable car loans and car donation assistance programs. Below are life stories of car donations in St. Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding suburbs, ATI promotes self-sufficiency for post-welfare families. Through our car donations car care clinics and various short term educational programs, we help struggling families lead productive lives. Each day, we work toward having a positive influence and impact on our community.

Minnesota Lifetrack ResourcesAs you will see in the following testimonials, the autonomy provided by transportation allows members of our communities to lead higher quality of life and better chances. Public transportation only allows for limited movement based on a schedule that may not fit into timeframe of a struggling family, especially when considering that these people need to get kids to school, themselves to work and everyone to the hospital, meetings and wherever else.

So, to better understand how a car donation can help your neighbor, please take a look at some of these moving testimonies. The truth is: those of us who own cars forget the crucial role that vehicles play in our survival and basic enjoyment of life. Should any of these stories move you to donate in some way, please contact us for more information: 612-919-5526.

Life Stories of Car Donations St. Paul Minneapolis

We have kept the names confidential to protect all parties. All of our vehicle recipients are referred to Auto Technical by social services agencies, where confidentiality is of the utmost importance to the recipients’ safety.

“I came to Minnesota after I left New Orleans and going through Katrina. I lost everything I had. I came to Minnesota and finally found a job at Metro Transit. It has been nearly impossible getting to work without a car. By ATI giving me a car I can get to work on time which is really important because if I am late they will send me home and I don’t get paid. This car is a blessing to me. Thank you so much for all you have done.”

From Minnesota Workforce Center – West St. Paul – one of our network providers.

“I am an employment counselor. I am referring (a client who) is a Mom with two children. As part of our work together she has obtained her graduation certificate and is ready for employment. Living where she does means she cannot use public transportation as our suburban location has little second shift bussing. Please accept my client referral so she can begin her final step toward self sufficiency. Thank you for her great car. She received it two days before she started her job.”

From Minnesota Workforce Center – near northside Minneapolis.

“We are partnering with an inner-city gospel mission that has a large youth diversion program. The church operates on few cash resources and a huge amount of volunteer free time and energy. Can you help them with a ten passenger van. This van could pick up riders and allow them to participate in after school and weekend programs. The name of the church is Entime Gospel Church. The Pastor and youth are willing to help with anything you might need and offers blessings for the important work you do on behalf of low income families. P.S. The white ten passenger van runs great, thanks for adding their logo on the side.”

From Center for Victims of Torture – a network provider. Serving newly arrived immigrants fleeing oppress in their native countries.

“Dear ATI, I humbly write to thank you for the car given to me and my family; includes words of appreciation from my wife and kids. This car will help me maintain and also find me a better job which is important so I can help my large family. I also want to help my community by volunteering to help others like me and I have been riding a bike which is difficult to use when the season is very cold. Thank you all so much for your kind work. We love our car and I can get more hours of work and so get more money for my family.”

“Dear thanks to people at ATI. I am a Mom with children who need medical care appointments and I need transportation to keep my new job. We live in an area not near a bus line so I have been asking for rides and sometimes people promise but don’t show up which means I can’t get to work on time or have to call in and not show up. This car means the difference between keeping my job and getting terminated. As a cancer survivor I feel that I have been given a second chance to take care of my family and make life better for all of us. Bless you all.”

“Dear Auto Tech, I recently lost my job and my car and had no way to find a job. I have Crohns disease to make doctor appointments, I am down to $14 in my checking account. Then I was referred by the Minnesota Workforce Center to you because they found me a new job I could start right away. I can’t believe this has happened to me. Finally my life is turning around again and I have a second chance. Thank you for the great car and the classes I took to learn how to take good care of my car. You are great people.”

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