?>?> More Life Stories of Car Donations in St. Paul, Minnesota

More Life Stories of Car Donations in St. Paul, Minnesota

Below are more life stories of car donations in St. Paul, Minnesota

We have concealed the names to protect the privacy of our clients.

From a Tubman Family Alliance Network Client Family

This letter is to thank you for transportation and that a crisis can occur. The last few months have been a real struggle for me as a single Mom without reliable transportation. I wanted and needed to attend some educational classes to better support my family. I didn’t have all the pieces in place. Living in the northwestern side of Minneapolis the bus doesn’t run often enough. This car will give me the independence to function in society and become more self sufficient for my job, doctor appointments, teacher meetings for my children. What I am trying to say is thank you Auto Tech you have been my stepping stone to a better life. I would also like to say it was a pleasure meeting all of you and the car care class was very informative.

From a Single Dad with Three Children

I want to take the time to thank you for all your help regarding my car. I would like to tell you specifally how you have helped me. I just started a job five months ago so you can understand my panic when my old car quit and all of a sudden I didn’t have a way to work or see my kids. You made it possible for me to get a good car and not miss any work. I am so grateful for your caring about the little guy who needed a break. Thanks to you I got that chance and my kids are really happy too.

Car Donations in Minnesota

Referred by Minneapolis Workforce

It touches me to write this letter of thanks and appreciation. My heart goes out to you for the wonderful way you have changed my life. I used to take the bus day time was not so bad but when I left work at 10:30 pm, I had to catch the 11:00pm bus in the opposite direction of my home. Stay on the bus to make the round trip to my house because I was afraid to stand at the bus stop at night alone, who knows what can happen. Sometimes I walk almost a mile at night to get to my home. My younger sone was always afraid for me. Now, thanks to you all at ATI I have a car and life is so much easier, safer and I feel so less stressed.

Referred from Minneapolis Workforce Center – Rehabilitation Dept.

 I have worked with Mr ____ as his rehabilitation counselor. Mr. __ is eligible for rehabilitation services due to a multiple number of impairments. One of his major impairments is an inability to feel pain, thus if he is out in the cold for any period of time he could not feel cold. In addition, Mr. ____ has an uncorrectible eye condition which prevents his being able to see light and dark. Also he is a partial amputee. His need for a car cannot be stressed enough. Dispite these impairments Mr. ____ wants to work and feels he can help with additional income for himself and his wife and child. We ask if possible for a larger car or a small van so we can provide hand controls to help him with his driving mobility. Thanks as always for the fine work you do for our clients.

Referred from St. Paul Workforce Center

Donate car Minneapolis St. Paul MNI want to thank all of you at ATI for all you have helped me. My name is ____ and you helped me at a time when I have many hardships. Raising two young children by myself, going through a divorce and terrible financial pressure and two major surgeries have taken its toll on my emotional wellbeing plus trying to keep a job when my old car broke down and left me without transportation and no possible way to take a bus from my location. My counselor said he would do his best to make a referral to you but there was a waiting list for cars, so I prayed and hoped and sure enough you called me and said you had a car for me that you thought would work out well. Thank you very much for a great reliable car and suddenly I felt like my life was again back on track.. You folks provide such a valueable service. The van you found was wonderful. We made the drive modifications and the client has a renewed focus on his goals for his life.