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Why Choose ATI to Donate Your Car in Minnesota?

If you’re wondering why choose ATI to donate your car in Minnesota, the answer is very simple. The communities we serve are individuals and families who have recently come out of desperate circumstances and are on their way to brighter times. We partner with several agencies whose clientele have overcome family violence, torture and poverty. Our mission is to help these individuals further their success in life with reliable transportation. Read our testimonials to see the difference we’ve made in others’ lives.

In addition, we not only think in the best interest of the car recipient but we also help our donors receive the highest valuation for their tax-deductible car donations. We recondition all vehicles that are donated to us. Because the IRS allows your tax value to be based on the car undergoing repair and put into first class condition, you are entitled to higher fair market value. Some vehicles are too damaged or deteriorated and are used for parts.

Why Choose ATI to Donate Your Car in Minnesota?

A flat tire away from financial disaster. Late for work because your car is not dependable; this could cost you your job.

We jumpstart lives! Some of us have had opportunities and have been successful. But others desperately want an opportunity for success but can’t seem to put all of the pieces together without help and encouragement.

Did you know? Many job applicants miss out on getting a job he or she does not have a way to get to the worksite; 85% of success in landing and keeping a job is dependable transportation.

ATI sets out to help those seeking a jumpstart in their lives through:

  • Vehicle Donations. If you have a drivable or repairable car, van or truck, donate it to ATI to receive a fair market tax deduction for your contribution. Your used family car donation will mean everything to a family coming out of desperate circumstances in our Twin Cities community. Not only do you gain a tax deduction but you will also give a fellow neighbor the chance toward life advancement—an opportunity to learn marketable skills, gain self-esteem and experience the feeling of success.
  • Project Family Car. This program provides affordable, reliable cars to individuals referred to us by our community partners. We help these folks and their families make the transition from welfare to work. ATI provides and refurbishes most vehicles. We accept donated vehicles, assess necessary repairs, then refurbish and recondition the vehicles, offering new lives of self-sufficiency to struggling families.
  • Community Partnerships. We collaborate with several human service providers throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan community. ATI identifies families who have successfully transitioned from welfare to work. Having obtained employment, they seek reliable, affordable vehicles to maintain employment and new found dignity. counselors, working with successfully employed families, refer families to ATI.
  • about_page2Car-Care Clinics. We provide car care clinics to families who receive vehicles from Auto Technical. Our goals are to provide affordable, reliable transportation to families and to make them knowledgeable consumers. Participants learn how to troubleshoot possible car problems, such as through checking fluids, belts and hoses. We aim to teach families how to maintain their car, ensuring that the car stays on the road and becomes an asset in the family’s long term self-sufficiency. We ask participating families of Project Family Car to attend financial and budget management classes as well. These help the families to learn money management and associated costs of car ownership. Many of the families have never owned a car, so the classes help them to understand the responsibilities related to vehicle ownership.
  • Low-cost Vehicle Sales. Vehicles donated to ATI that are not appropriate for Project Family Car recipients, such as older luxury cars, higher-end imports and cars that require higher maintenance due to special auto technician knowledge and parts that are more costly, are checked, repaired and sold to the general public at ATI Auto Sales. These sales help ATI to offer low-cost or no-cost transportation to low income families.
  • Go Green in MN. Other cars found to be too old or too worn to repair are stripped for usable parts to keep the costs of refurbishing as efficient as possible. Your donated vehicles and partnership give families reliable and affordable transportation. Furthermore, you, the donor, can rest assured that your vehicle has a new life, providing transportation to low-income families who need transportation to maintain independence and self-sufficiency. We call this our green-repair-reuse process. We keep vehicles out of wrecking yards where car parts become unused waste.
  • Auto Repair Training. ATI also provides training for individuals interested in gaining auto-mechanical repair skills. Through mentorships, participants learn skills in tune up, brake and muffler repair and detailing. Participants in mentor training (known as our Auto Technical Institute) generally have low incomes, often with very low reading and writing skills, possibly with English as their second language. This mentor training program aims to help participants gain confidence and learning skills before moving on to an accredited training program.

Donate your car to Auto Technical today.