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Go Green in Minnesota

Looking for ways to go green in Minnesota? Donate your vehicle to help a family in need and get more green from the IRS.

Our green-repair-reuse commitment follows this process:

  • You donate your car to Auto Technical and keep it out of the wrecking yard, where most of the parts turn into unused waste.
  • We repair the vehicle to A-1 first-class status so the individual who receives it has a dependable car and you receive a higher Kelley Blue Book┬átax valuation
  • We in turn give the reconditioned vehicle to a family in need, referred to us by one of our community partners, or we sell the vehicle to the public to fund our charity programs

If you own a vehicle that hasn’t worked in years, we can make your life easier and take that vehicle off your hands. While you might get a few dollars by taking your car to a wrecking yard, you can receive a higher tax deduction by donating it to Auto Technical.

We recondition all vehicles that are donated to us, which is a detailed process. Giving a family a car that will break down in a few weeks is no help to the communities we serve. That’s why we inspect all vehicles to ensure we make all needed repairs. Our goal is to repair each vehicle so that it’s dependable enough for your mother to drive it to California the next day.

Because the IRS allows your tax value to be based on the car undergoing repair and put into first-class condition, you are entitled to higher fair market value.

Join us in our green-repair-reuse commitment. Donate your vehicle today.

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